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    Make your Rental Farmhouse Chic with these Affordable Target Items

    Is your vacation rental being ignored, while others are being booked constantly? Give your rental some personality with...

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    Best Websites for Real Estate Investors to Bookmark

    The internet is saturated with all sorts of content varying from not-always-accurate news and headlines to incredible...

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    Things You Should Know When Buying a Rental Property

    Buying your first rental isn’t a walk in the park, but it should be an exciting experience! When investing in real...

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    A Look at the Impact of the Coronavirus on the Housing Market

    The world is under great stress dealing with the fear of Coronavirus. In the past, we have seen a pattern of outcomes...

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    Hard Money Lenders vs. Private Lenders

    Nowadays there are so many lenders positioning themselves as the best fit for investors. So how do you know who to...

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    Appeal to Young Adults in Every Room of Your Vacation Rental

    In 2019, Airbnb projected that 75% of consumer use would fall into the hands of millennials and gen-zers. If you’re...

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    Top Reasons Why Investors Are Turning to Alternative Non-QM loans

    Are you considering taking out a non-qm loan? There are several reasons why non-qm loans are becoming the optimal...

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