Appeal to Young Adults in Every Room of Your Vacation Rental

Posted by Tiffany Yang on Feb 20, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Appeal to Young Adults in Every Room of Your Vacation Rental

In 2019, Airbnb projected that 75% of consumer use would fall into the hands of millennials and gen-zers. If you’re ready to get more bookings and be the superhost you aspire to be, spruce up your vacation rental one room at a time with these items that appeal to millenials and gen-zers


Let’s start in the kitchen! You can help your guests get the party started by providing them a gold trendy bottle opener for wine and/or beer. It isn’t a party without snacks right? If you live in a region that is home to a snack brand, that would be an awesome welcome gift, but if not you can easily provide a variety of small chip bags. Complete your kitchen for guests and make their morning by having a single serve Keurig readily available for use.


Now on to the bathroom! We simply suggest having the obvious, a hair dryer and iron since they are amenities all travelers are accustomed to having provided.

Living Room & Bed Rooms

Moving into the living areas. Millennials and gen-zers often book rentals that are not only near where they are hoping to wander, but also fit their style of aesthetic. They often prefer modern and minimalist interior design, so here are a few items you can grab to update your vacation rental:

It’s crazy to think, but these three items photographed in your vacation rental listing could catch the eye of more young adult travelers. Check out our tips on how to market your vacation rental!

Lastly, give them what they want! Shows! Provide a Fire Stick to your guests and allow them to log into their own accounts to provide ample entertainment during their down time. Go the extra mile and have a cozy throw blanket for them, they’ll definitely appreciate it.

Want more suggestions on how to update your vacation rental? Check our Vacation Rental Resources or other Investor Resources to help you maximize your cash-flow.

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