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DSCR Loans Enable Investors to Qualify Based on Property Cash Flow Rather than Income

A DSCR loan is a loan for an investment property that is underwritten based on DSCR, rather than personal income. DSCR or Debt-Service Coverage ratio is a tool to help lenders understand a borrower's ability to pay back a loan based on the monthly rent of the property. DSCR loans are fantastic for self-employed investors or investors with multiple mortgaged rental properties.



Why You Should Partner with Visio Lending for Your DSCR Loans

Financing DSCR loans requires specific expertise and differs from other loans in terms of:

  • Underwriting requirements

  • Appraisal process

  • Borrower types (including LLCs and personal guarantee requirements)


Visio Lending has a decade in mastering this niche market with over $2 billion DSCR Loans originated.


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 Our DSCR Loan Features

  • • Low documentation; no personal DTI, no tax returns;
  • • Full 30-year terms with no balloons; and
  • • The ability to protect your identity by financing through a corporate entity

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DSCR loans are an option that have grown in popularity recently due to their use of rental income rather than personal income to evaluate whether you qualify or not. They can also be more cost-effective than hard money loans for financing an investment property.

Qualifications vary based on lenders, but typically you will need a minimum of 25% down payment, a minimum credit score of 680, and a minimum DSCR of 1.2.

The simplest way to improve your DSCR is to put more money down, however you can also shop insurance, fight property taxes annually, and charge more rent.


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DSCR Loans: Get The Information You Need