Hard Money Loans provide short-term construction funding

Visio provides long-term loans for rent-ready properties.



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Visio Lending vs. Hard Money Lenders

There are many loan programs available when it comes to financing a rental property, including government-sponsored and private label loans. While both Visio Lending and hard money loans fall under the private sector, there are some key differences between the two. Simply put, Visio’s focus is providing long-term financing to enable landlords to grow their rental portfolios. 

On the other hand, hard money lenders typically fund short-term projects such as construction, flips, or rehabs. Here’s a closer look at some additional distinctions between Visio Lending and hard money lenders:
  • Credit Score: Visio Lending requires a minimum credit score of 680 while not all hard money lenders require credit reports.
  • Appraisals: Visio Lending requires a 3rd party appraisal but not all hard money lenders do. Some use a Broker Price Opinion (BPO) or other methods to determine lending value.
  • Property Condition: Visio Lending requires properties to be in C4 condition or greater, meaning we only fund rent-ready properties with no deferred maintenance. Hard money lenders finance construction and rehab projects, so they do not require move-in ready property conditions.


Visio Lending & Hard Money Lenders Complement Each Other


Broker Program

Hard money lenders can seamlessly integrate our products into their loan offerings and never miss another loan opportunity
Broker Program Highlights: Earn up to 2% YSP per closed loan; Designated Account Executive; No license required means multiple state opportunities
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Referral Program

Use content and email marketing to educate your network about our leading Rental360 loan products
Referral Program Highlights:  Earn $50 for every qualified referral; No limit on earnings; Easy process and tracking
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Due to the differences in financing and focus, Visio Lending is not in any direct competition with hard money lenders. In fact, we often work together with hard money lenders to complement each other. Many of Visio Lending's customers invest in both fix and flip and long-term rentals. Our borrowers will often use our financing to pull cash out of an existing rental property to pay back their hard money loans in full.

Frequently Ask Question

Not only do our borrowers use our financing to pay back hard money loans in full, but hard money lenders also participate in our Partner Programs. Many hard money lenders broker rental loans to us through our top-rated Broker Program. Hard money lenders love our Broker Program because they can earn up to 5 points per closed loan, and YSP is available. Plus, hard money lenders already have relationships with rental investors, so finding them is easy. Helping borrowers with their rental loans is a great way to offer an additional service to their existing clientele.
As an alternative to our Broker Program, some hard money lenders will participate in our Referral Program. The Referral Program is an opportunity to utilize content and email marketing to share information on our leading rental loans and get paid per qualified lead.

Both programs are fantastic ways for hard money lenders to generate additional income, further service their clients, and get their hard money loans paid back in full.

If you’re looking for a short-term loan to quickly resell a property, a hard money loan can help finance that. However, it will come at a higher cost and it’s a good idea to plan ahead for refinancing. If you’re looking for something longer-term and more steady, Visio Lending has options for expanding your real estate portfolio, from single-family rental properties to multi-family and mixed-use properties.



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