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Buy and Hold Investment Properties Preserve Net Worth and Generate Passive Income

Investing in rental properties is a great way to build wealth over time and gain stable monthly cash flow. Appreciation enables investors to sell their rentals years later for substantially larger prices. Also, strategic investors will charge more rent than their monthly expenses, which provides a steady income stream, while covering the costs of a property.



Why You Should Work with Visio Lending

We Specialize in DSCR Loans


Visio Lending’s laser-like focus and rental loan expertise simply cannot be matched. Would you go to a foot doctor for a headache? Or an employment attorney for a divorce? There is something to be said about going to a specialist for the specialty you need. may encounter as a real estate investor.

Insurance: Insurance on a rental property is quite different from your personal home. Even many insurance agents who don’t regularly deal with rental properties don’t understand the nuances. Visio has a dedicated team that can help you properly insure your rental property investment and protects you against some of the not-so-obvious risks you may encounter as a real estate investor.

Vacation Rentals: Visio is one of the leading financiers of vacation rental properties in the U.S. Underwriting these properties for permanent mortgage finance is more of an art than a science. Nonetheless, Visio has developed a proven methodology to underwrite these properties to get you the best terms possible while also writing a responsible mortgage loan. 

Cross-defaults: Many owners of rental properties also engage in fixing and flipping properties. If that’s you, you might think twice about financing both your rentals and your flips with the same lender. Flips are subject to much greater market risk than rentals. Even the best flippers have deals that go sideways or the wrong way. Many lenders include cross-default provisions in their loan documents that provide that if you default on one loan it also counts as a default on all of your other loans. You don’t want to have a bad flip deal trigger a default on your rental properties. 


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Rental Loans

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Buy and Hold Loan FAQs

Buy and hold investing is seen as less risky than other investment strategies such as fix and flip investing or wholesaling properties and can be a great way to build wealth and stable income over time. Additionally, unlike fix and flip or wholesaling, buy and hold investors are able to obtain long-term financing with competitive terms.

This comes down to investor preference. Some investors will hold onto their properties long-term and are interested in playing the long game in building wealth. We’ve coined these investors as permanent rental investors. On the other hand, transitional rental investors want the flexibility to sell their properties in the foreseeable future, often determined by market conditions.

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