2022 Visio Lending survey shows the Short-Term Rental market is booming; how investors can capture success

    The short-term rental (STR) market is flourishing and both investors and vacationers are jumping on the bandwagon....

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    A Broker’s Guide to Networking with Real Estate Investors

    One of the questions we often get from brokers is, “How do I find investor clients?” While digital marketing, including

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    A Broker’s Guide to Growing Your Real Estate Business

    Owning your own business can be stressful, particularly if you’re not sure what to do next. As a mortgage broker, you...

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    Guide to Creating & Improving Your Website for Brokers

    If you are looking to grow your broker business, step one should be revamping your website. When executed properly, a...

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    7 Ways to Lower Capital Gains Taxes on Real Estate

    Investment properties come with a slew of tax advantages.

    From property depreciation to deductions, landlords have many...

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    Real Estate Brokers vs. Agents vs. Realtors: What’s the Difference?

    When it comes to the real estate business, there’s a good chance you’ll work with a real estate agent, broker, or...

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