7 Ways to Lower Capital Gains Taxes on Real Estate

    Investment properties come with a slew of tax advantages.

    From property depreciation to deductions, landlords have many...

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    3 Kinds of Tax Deductions for Landlords

    Benjamin Franklin famously noted that nothing is certain in life except for death and taxes. Yet on a more positive...

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    5 Surprising Landlord Tax Deductions

    Although landlords are required by the IRS to report all rental income and to pay taxes on that income, there are many...

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    10 Vacation Rental Tax Deductions

    If you use your vacation rental for less than 14 days or for 10 percent or less of the total annual rented days...

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    What Investors Should Pay Attention to this Tax Season

    The IRS officially began accepting tax returns for your 2018 taxes on Monday, January 28th.  This is the first tax...

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    Landlords & Taxes Quiz

    How much do you know about taxes, specifically for landlords?   This quiz will find out how much you know about tax...

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