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 Our Rental 360 Loan Program is perfect for the professional investor looking to grow their portfolio of single family rental properties


Rental360 Features

  • Full 30 year term, no balloons
  • Streamlined qualification process emphasizing property
    level cash flow 
  • No tax returns required
  • Up to 75% LTV for Refinances and 80% LTV for Purchases
  • Only 30-day ownership seasoning means you can grow
    your portfolio faster
  • Simple haggle free pricing you can depend on
  • Protect your identity and other assets by borrowing in
    a corporate entity

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Permanent Rentals

Set it and forget it finance. 30-year fixed rates, no balloons,
option to buy your rate down

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Transitional Rentals

The perfect property waiting for the perfect time. 5/1 ARM and 7/1 ARM rate structures, certainty of full 30-year term

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