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Our Commercial Property Loan Program

Commercial Loans

Our commercial property loan program is ideal for real estate investors seeking to grow their portfolios with small apartment buildings and mixed-use properties. We offer simplified terms, a smoother process, and lower rates to make sure you get the best value (and experience), which is why experienced investors choose to finance with Visio. As of 2022, we’ve closed over $4 million in commercial rentals.

Commercial Loan Features

•  Loan amounts from $300k-$3 million on multi-family and mixed-use properties

•  Full 30-year terms with no balloon payments

•  No personal DTI; no tax returns; qualify based on property cash flow

•  Simplified environmental review

•  Purchase, Rate & Term Refinance, and Cash-Out Refinance

•  Protect your identity and other assets by borrowing through a corporate entity

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Partnering With Visio Lending is Far Simpler Than Applying for a Bank Loan

  • Leading Lender for Investors: Visio is an expert in providing long-term mortgage finance to investors on small apartment buildings and mixed-use properties. With more than a decade of experience, Visio’s team helps investors each month realize their dreams of growing their real estate portfolios. Unlike traditional lenders, with Visio, investors qualify not on their personal income but on the cash flow generated from their investment property. This greatly simplifies your loan process by eliminating the need for lengthy tax returns and detailed personal income documentation. Since the inception of our Rental360 2-8 Program, we’ve financed more than $6 million in commercial real estate loans.

Finance Your Commercial Investment Property Today

A Simple & Fast Process You Can Trust


Application Stage

You provide us a completed application and pay for the appraisal. We evaluate your credit. 
Point of Contact: Account Executive (AE) 

Sent to Processing

One of our loan processors is assigned and works with you on gathering the rest of our required documentation. 
Point of Contact: Processor

Closing Stage

Your Processor submits the full loan package to our underwriting team; once approved we schedule your closing. 
Point of Contact: Processor & AE 


Multi-Family Lending 

Visio offers long-term financing for your rent-ready multi-family apartment buildings of five units or more. This is great for both financing long-term or during the transition from a value-add rehabilitation to permanent government-sponsored mortgage finance. So long as the property is rent-ready, Visio can finance your property based on market rent and vacancy rates.



Mixed-Use Property Lending

Visio also offers long-term financing for mixed-use properties with both residential and business units. These buildings typically consist of two or more residential units upstairs and one or more commercial unit(s) downstairs. Visio allows you to easily pull cash out of an existing investment property to use towards other investments and grow your portfolio.