Best Websites for Real Estate Investors to Bookmark

Posted by Tiffany Yang on Apr 1, 2020 9:00:00 AM

best websites for real estate investors

The internet is saturated with all sorts of content varying from not-always-accurate news and headlines to incredible automated software and platforms. With a simple search on Google, you can easily find hundreds of results listing different investing blogs, real estate forums and limitless software products being advertised to you. Every investor’s opinion is subjective including why they choose certain software programs to use or why they read certain blogs and articles over others because in real estate investing, not one-size fits all around here. We pulled 4 of the best websites in the real estate investing space.

Check out these websites that you should bookmark in your browser:


    A platform packed with free materials, including a rental property calculator and paid software to help you feel good about the way manage your rentals.
    - Avail is a one-stop shop providing landlord tools and guidance. You can list your rental, screen  tenants, pull credit, and download templates for leases and more timely, a letter to your tenants in regards to COVID-19.
    - The platform is designed for DIY landlords with a clean and user-friendly interface.

    Motley Fool is well-known for providing limitless resources on investing in stocks. They recently launched Millionacres, a digital hub of all things real estate investing. They understand that not one-size fits all when it comes to real estate investing, therefore their content and resources range from REITS, crowdfunding, fix and flips, rental properties and more.- They are reputable in the world of investing
    - All content is made to be free
    - Great for investors of all sizes, new to seasoned and savvy

    Roofstock was designed to help investors grow their portfolios in a more simpler way. The platform allows investors to buy and sell properties with a few clicks. We’re not advising you to, but you could purchase a rental property without visiting it by using Roofstock’s certified platform.- You can buy leased properties without disrupting tenant occupancy
    - Offers a variety of properties in different prices points
    - Focuses on single-family residential properties

    All things in the housing market space can be found on HousingWire. They solely focus on the U.S. housing market covering hot topics, politics, rates and more. This website is used by our own internal team to stay up to date on market conditions, trends and more.
    - Timely news headlines
    - Audience includes mortgage professionals of all sizes
    - Easy sign up for latest news updates and hot topics revolving around the housing market

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