Make your Rental Farmhouse Chic with these Affordable Target Items

Posted by Tiffany Yang on Apr 28, 2020 9:00:00 AM

farmhouse chic

Is your vacation rental being ignored, while others are being booked constantly? Give your rental some personality with an affordable interior update!

Typically when scouring AirBnB, guests tend to choose well decorated rooms and houses, over your available standard bedroom or home. Thanks to HGTV, modern farmhouse chic is a vacation rental trend that is super easy to implement in your short term rental. Snag any of these affordable items from Target to turn your rental into a chic spot and increase bookings!

  1. Salt and Pepper Shakers
    salt and pepper shakers

    Sometimes the smallest items can leave a nice finishing touch to a room or table.
  2. Stoneware Mug
    see the good mug

    Everyone always appreciates a Target mug or two.
  3. 6 pack Stackable Stemless Wine Glasses
    wine glasses

    This is necessary because almost every farmhouse chic fan loves a good glass of wine, especially if there are local wines available in your city.
  4. Plaid Kitchen Towels
    grey towels

    These towels in plaid will definitely scream farmhouse chic in your kitchen.  
  5. Braided Doormat
    braided doormat

    One of the most affordable braided doormats I’ve seen and best part is-- its durability!
  6. Bath Rug
    carpet for bathroom

    A bath rug really completes a bathroom and target ones are always washer machine friendly for easy cleaning!
  7. Soap Dispenser


    Make your sink extra chic with this soap dispenser.
  8. Weaved Storage Basket 
    weaved basket

    Store extra blankets or pillows and make it decor by putting them in a storage basket.

Modern farmhouse chic can be minimalist with simple decor while incorporating neutral tones. Snag any of these Target style pieces with neutral staples for your vacation rental and guests will be choosing yours over others in no time.

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