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New Quarantine Vacation Rental Trend: Extended Stays

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Call it “quarantine pads,” “rural getaways,” or “destinations isolation,” Curbed reported a rise of social distancers leaving their homes to stay in short-term rentals for extended periods of time. RentecDirect further noted the trend of quarantining in short-term rentals, often for 30, 60, or even 90 days. After lots of fluidity in the market, vacation rental owners welcome the prospects of long-term guests. If you want to attract these extended guests, in addition to marketing your property as the perfect “quarantine pad,” here are some actions you can take.

Make sure your vacation rental kitchen is fully stocked.

Curbed quoted Guesty COO Vered Scwarz saying short-term hosts have seen success in marketing and offering fully-stocked kitchens. If your vacation rental kitchen could use some work, check out our vacation rental kitchen checklist. Also look at our blog post “Stock Your Vacation Rental Kitchen with these 6 Amazon Finds,” where we help you stock your entire kitchen for less than $200.


Offer and market a great working space.

Since people are staying longer in these quarantine pads and working remotely, they are taking their work with them. See our post “Create a Vacation Rental Home Office with Target” for tips on how to create a work space in your STR, even in a small space.

Sanitize, offer cleaning products, and market that.

Curbed said property management companies in Australia are attracting social distancers for long-stays by upping their sanitization game, and by providing sanitization products. For guidance, check out our vacation rental cleaning checklist as well as our list of essential cleaning supplies.

Offer long-term discounts.

According to Guesty, in order to offer long-term stays on AirBnb, you must offer at least a 10% discount, though most property managers offer between 20% off and 40%.

Ultimately, if you want to get it on this trend with the other 38% of short-term property managers (Guesty statistic), you need to provide guests with a comfortable, fully-stocked, and clean accommodation.


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