10 Essential Cleaning Supplies for your Vacation Rental from Amazon

Posted by Yael Brown on Dec 20, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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Even temporary tenants can make a mess in your short-term rental properties, and the same holds true for midterm rentals, where guests may stay for several weeks to months. Given the extended duration, it’s even more crucial to equip these properties with comprehensive cleaning supplies that enable guests to maintain the space throughout their stay. This not only enhances guest satisfaction but also minimizes the workload for your cleaning service between longer tenant turnovers. Read on for our top 10 must-have cleaning supplies that are perfect for both short-term and midterm rental properties.

The Basics

We love this set by Mrs. Meyer’s that includes dish soap, hand soap and a multi-surface cleaner. These three items are perfect for spot cleaning any spills in the kitchen. Our favorite scent in the Lemon Verbena, but there are tons of options to choose from!

Easy to Use Wipes

Make cleaning the counters a breeze with Lysol disinfecting wipes. They work on pretty much any surface and are strong enough to kill any germs tracked in from plane travelers.

Dish Scrubbing Brush

Sponges wear out quickly and need to be replaced frequently. This Soap Dispensing Brush is more sanitary and also better for the environment.

Stain Remover

Your guests will appreciate having an effective stain remover when they’ve spilled red wine on a clean white shirt. Conquer spills with this concentrated gel stain remover works both for clothing as well as on carpets, sofas, or any other fabric surface in your home.


Smudges and dirt on windows and mirrors are the fastest way to make a germaphobe cringe. Don’t let your rental fall into that trap- use trusty Windex! We like this ammonia-free formula.

Continuous Clean Toilet Cleaner

No one likes to clean toilets, but everyone likes to use a clean toilet. Simplify your life with the Scrubbing Bubbles drop-ins. Just pop these tablets into the toilet tank, and you get a fresh clean with every flush.


Where does dust come from? Honestly, it doesn’t matter- just make sure you have a way to get rid of it. We like this microfiber duster with a 100-inch extender pole to reach every nook and cranny.

Broom and Dustpan

Another necessary basic- we especially like this set that is easily stored as a duo. This is the only time it’s appropriate to sweep your problems under the rug.

Lightweight Vacuum

Bulky vacuums are no longer necessary for effective cleaning. This sleek model is ergonomically designed for easy use and has interchangeable heads. It’s comparable to Dyson models, but sold at almost a quarter of the price.

A Cleaning Robot

The title is written in jest, but the Roomba E5 is no joke. Provide your guests with the ultimate luxury of constantly clean floors. Bonus: this model is currently on sale for the holiday season- don’t miss out!

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