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Vacation Rental Property Kitchen Essentials

Vacation Rental Kitchen Essentials (1)

In our blog post, "Vacation Rental Property Essentials," we highlighted some of the items that we think you absolutely need in a vacation rental property, and some of the nice-to-have items. Now, we want to specifically address how to stock your vacation rental kitchens. Here are some must-haves versus nice-to-haves for the kitchen.

Essentials for Every Vacation Rental Property Kitchen

- Refrigerator and freezer 

- Oven

- Microwave

- Coffee Maker

- Plates, bowls, and flatware

- Coffee mugs

- Glasses/cups

-Basic cooking essentials including pans, skillets, pots, baking dishes, measuring spoons, mixing bowls

- Pot holders and oven mitts

- Cutting boards

- Can opener

- Fire extinguisher

- Wine/bottle opener

Nice-to-Have Vacation Rental Kitchen Items

- Dishwasher

- Wine glasses

- Serving platters and spoons

- Cake pan and rolling pin

- Beverage pitcher

- Pantry items such as salt and pepper, sugar, cooking oil, cooking spray, flour, etc.


For more items to stock in your vacation rentals, see our blog post  "Vacation Rental Property Essentials" and the HomeAway essential items checklist. Want more investor resources and tips? See our Resources Page.  

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