How to Stock Your Vacation Rental Property's Kitchen

Posted by Hannah Lapin on Feb 5, 2019 9:29:15 AM

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According to a 2016 poll from, 64% of vacation rental bookers opt for a vacation rental instead of a hotel because of the access to a kitchen. Having a fully stocked kitchen in your vacation rental clearly can have an impact on your reviews and bookings.

We know this process for the kitchen alone can be expensive, time-consuming, and require a long list of items. Beyond the obvious appliances, such as your refrigerator and oven, you’re going to need to think down to the last detail — like an ice cream scoop and can opener. That's why we created the ultimate list of vacation rental kitchen items you need to fill your vacation rental kitchen AND found affordable options and deals.

To make it simpler, we’ve broken the essentials into categories:


Small Appliances

Must Haves

If you don’t have any other small appliances, make sure you have these essentials:

Bonus Small Appliances

Rentals United, a short-term rental technology industry leader, says that small kitchen luxuries, such as rice cookers and juicers, can make your vacation rental stand out from the others.

  • Espresso Machine: How nice would it be to get up on vacation and have an espresso in minutes while still in your pajamas? The DeLonghi Bar Espresso and Cappuccino Machine is a 2-in-1 espresso maker and milk frother that is efficient, fast, and offers a large capacity.
    Screenshot 2022-01-07 135423
  • Juicer: We love the Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine. It makes healthy, homemade juice in seconds and can fit extra large fruits and vegetables. Plus, how many vacationers have them at home?
    Screenshot 2022-01-07 135522
  • Crockpot: On vacation especially, it's nice to throw a meal together in the morning and gather for dinner in the evening. The Hamilton Beach Extra-Large Slow Cooker holds up to 10 quarts, has three temperature settings, and is easy to clean.
    Screenshot 2022-01-07 135836
  • Air Fryer: Air Fryers have been on the rise in popularity recently. The Ninja Air Fryer can be used for air frying, roasting, reheating, and dehydrating and is easy to clean.
    Screenshot 2022-01-07 135919
  • Quesadilla Maker: What a fun snack or family meal! The Brentwood Quesadilla Maker makes 8-inch quesadillas, has a non-stick cooking surface, and is easy to clean.
    Screenshot 2022-01-07 135959



  • Plates, Salad Plates, & Bowls: Bookfull recommends having at least two plates and bowls per accommodated guest. The AmazonBasics 18-Piece Dinnerware Set comes with serving for six. Plus it is durable, dishwasher and microwave safe, and affordable.
    Screenshot 2022-01-07 140124
  • Flatware: We like the LIANYU 40-Piece Set because it accommodates up to eight guests with eight knives, eight spoons and teaspoons, eight dinner forks, and eight salad forks.
    Screenshot 2022-01-07 140216
  • Water Glasses: The Galaxy Glassware 12-Piece Set includes four 17oz glasses, four 13oz glasses, and four 7oz juice glasses, offering all the sizes guests would need. It’s also dishwasher safe and affordable.
    Screenshot 2022-01-07 140301
    • Mugs: This 10 Strawberry Street Catering Mug Set comes with twelve 10-ounce mugs and is oven, freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe. It also pairs nicely with the plates and bowls we suggested.
      Screenshot 2022-01-07 140338
  • Wine Glasses: Did you know wine glasses are an AirBNB top-requested amenity? This CZUMJJ 14-Ounce Set of 12 Wine Glasses works for both white and red wine, is made of durable and safe material at a great price.
    Screenshot 2022-01-07 140413


Cooking Accessories

  • Pots, Pans, Skillets, & Utensils: We love a good set like this 18 Piece Nonstick Pots & Pans Cookware Set. It comes with an assortment of pots, pans, skillets, cooking utensils, and even a steamer. Also, it’s dishwasher safe.
    Screenshot 2022-01-07 140627
    • Measuring Cups and Spoons, Soup Ladle, & Spatula Get all of these necessities in one with this Stainless-Steel Kitchen Utensil Set. At an affordable cost, you also get high-quality, dishwasher: Screenshot 2022-01-07 140710
    • Cheese grater
      • Tongs
      • Pizza cutter and peeler
      • Whisk
      • Wine/Bottle opener
      • Ice cream scoop
      • Can opener
  • Knife Set, Scissors, & Steak Knives: This Farberware 22-Piece Set comes with a knife block, a bread knife, steak knives, and utility knives. Plus, it comes with scissors, spatulas, and measuring cups at a great price.
    Screenshot 2022-01-07 141058
  • Cutting Boards: They don’t need to be fancy, but they will be necessary. We like this ROTTOGOON set.
    Screenshot 2022-01-07 141133
  • Mixing Bowls: These Glad Mixing Bowls come in a set with three sizes, and are BPA and dishwasher safe.
    Screenshot 2022-01-07 141214


Kitchen Accessories

  • Kitchen Towels & Oven Mitts: The INHDBOX Oven Mitt Set is one purchase for three accessories at a great price.
    Screenshot 2022-01-07 141826

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