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Posted by Hannah Lapin on Jul 6, 2018 10:44:07 AM

Any good property wholesaler knows that the key to succeeding in the industry is finding ample motivated sellers, or people who are motivated to sell their properties off-market, due to catastrophic events. Some of the tried-and-true methods for finding sellers include bandit signs, Craigslist ads, direct mail marketing, and even driving around looking for potential properties. While effective, the traditional wholesaling techniques involve a lot of time and energy. But what if you could generate over 40,000 motivated seller leads each month just through your website?

InvestorCarrot is an industry game-changer who has mastered Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and inbound marketing, providing property wholesalers with websites that generate leads who convert. Their websites are designed to get you better search rankings, convert more leads, and leverage social media and mobile technology. This combination of power optimization boasts up to five times more leads than non-Carrot wholesaler websites.

“We’ve noticed we’re getting a lot more consistent with online lead gen,” said one customer. “Closed 10 this year from InvestorCarrot… the margins are always higher from internet leads.”

With extremely reasonable pricing and flexible payment options, InvestorCarrot is changing the way wholesalers do business. They have three plans—Core, Content Pro, and Advanced Marketer—so you can pick which one is best for your business and pay annually (save 25%) or monthly. Plus, if you are satisfied with your website, yet want to take advantage of their lead generation expertise, InvestorCarrot offers add-on services, such as managing your SEO and premium trainings.

To learn more about their methodology and how they generate high-quality leads, visit InvestorCarrot. For more tips and tools for property wholesalers, visit our “Wholesaler” section of our blog.

Are you a property wholesaler? Check out our Wholesaler Program.

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