Wholesalers send landlords to Visio for financing, so landlords can buy wholesale properties at top dollar. 

Wholesalers can also generate income through our Partner Programs:


Broker Program

Wholesalers can earn up to 5 pts as a Visio Broker; No NMLS license required (except CA and AZ)

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Referral Program

Use content and email marketing to educate your network about our leading Rental360 loan products

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Frequently Asked Question

One of the key goals for real estate wholesalers is to sell a home to an interested party quickly; they must sell each property before an original contract goes through. Essentially, wholesalers buy properties and turn around to re-sell them for more money.

You might be wondering who is willing to buy these properties for more money than the original contract. The answer is real estate investors. That’s where Visio Lending comes into play. We provide the financing for real estate investors to buy more wholesale properties.

There are two primary types of refinance loans, but often real estate investors use their portfolios of buy and hold rental properties to pull cash out and finance their next investment. A cash-out refinance is a powerful tool for real estate investors where they replace existing mortgages with a new Visio loan for a higher amount. They then use the difference in cash to put towards new investments, such as financing their next flip or buying wholesale properties.


Not only should wholesalers encourage investors to use our cash-out refinancing to buy more wholesale properties because it’s personally beneficial, but also we offer a fantastic program that makes it mutually beneficial. Our loan programs are designed exclusively for real estate investors, so we have exactly the terms these investors need.


We offer up to 80% LTV and only three-month ownership seasoning, among other qualifications that investors love. Best of all, we offer bank rates at private terms, so they’re going to get a great low rate.