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Grow Your Wholesaling Business When You Partner With Us

Let's grow together. We provide cash-out investor financing so you can sell more properties at top dollar.

 Here's how we primarily work with wholesalers:


Wholesalers send us landlords
Landlords use our financing to pull cash-out of a property
Buy another property
Landlords buy wholesaler properties at top dollar with our financing
Wholesalers sell more properties & earn extra cash with referral fees

Know any landlords that need our financing? Send them our way! We will pay you $500 for EACH referral that closes on a loan. 



How it Works:

-Sign up to be a Referral Partner using the form on the right

-Give us the names and email addresses of your referrals with your Referral ID that we will send you

-We will keep you as the referral source for the referred accounts

-If they close on a loan, we will pay you $500. It's that simple

-By signing up as a Referral Partner, you agree to our Terms and Conditions


Here is what we can offer your clients as the premier lender for landlords:


30 day seasoning
30 day seasoning on refinances
No Balloons
Long-term financing, 30 year without balloons
Flexible Payment
Flexible fees and payment structures


Learn more about why buy and hold investors keep coming back to us at VisioLending.com

Want to be an advocate for our loan products? Check out our Broker Program.


Resources for Wholesalers


3 books for wholesalers
Top 3 Books for Wholesalers
Our researched list of must-reads for property wholesalers
how to sell your investment property
Fast Investment Property Sales
Our top 5 tips to sell your investment property fast and for top dollar 
wholesaler tools
3 Free Tools for Wholesalers
Three handy, free tools to help wholesalers manage their businesses 
finding auctions
Finding Property Auctions
Where to look for property auctions and find great deals 


More for Wholesalers from Our Blog:



Referral Program FAQs

How do I submit referrals?

Visit info.visiolending.com/submit-your-referrals to submit as many as you want.

Do I need to be a borrower in order to make a referral?

Nope! You just need to know potential borrowers in order to send us a referrals.

Will my referral know that I was the one that referred them?

Not unless you tell them personally. We will market to your referrals for you, so you don't have to do any work, and we will also keep your name and information private.

How will I know if my referral closed on a loan?

If your referral closes on a loan, we will contact you via the email address you provide regarding payment. However, if you are not the initial referral source for the investor, you will not be contacted.

What happens if my referral doesn't close on a loan?

Nothing. Therefore, you have nothing to lose by sending us referrals.

Is there a limit to the number of referrals I can provide?

No. Send us as many as you want! Just be sure to use your Referral Partner ID.

What happens if I forgot my Referral  Partner ID?

No problem! Visit info.visiolending.com/forgot-id to retrieve it.