Manage Your Real Estate Clients for Free with Zoho CRM

Posted by Hannah Lapin on May 17, 2018 10:37:06 AM


Manage Your Real Estate Clients for Free with Zoho CRM

Whether you are a residential mortgage broker, commercial broker, realtor, or other industry leader, keeping track of your clients and leads is essential. There are many Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems available with various features and pricing to easily enable you to organize and oversee all your contacts. CRM is becoming a standard tool in real estate businesses, and there are many CRMs designed specifically for the industry. If you are new to CRM or looking for an economical option, we recommend getting started for free with Zoho.

The free version of Zoho stores up to 25,000 contacts, offers access for up to three users, and allows you to create tasks, events, call logs, and notes for your contacts, among many other cool features. Integrate website forms with Zoho to automatically import lead data from your website. Add colleagues and team members, and assign tasks to reps for a seamless lead flow. This could be a game changer for your client process.

Another fantastic aspect of Zoho is all the client resources available to help you take full advantage of the tool.  Browse a wide offering of eBooks, webinars, training videos, and more for guaranteed success.  If you outgrow the free version, Zoho has four additional, reasonably priced upgrades. Get started on Zoho for free! 

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