Make Your Vacation Rentals Family Friendly

Posted by Hannah Lapin on Mar 12, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Family Friendly Vacation Rentals

According to an Airbnb report, 93% of families choose to stay in vacation rentals because they offer more amenities than hotels, and over 700,00 American families book Airbnb’s every year. Families are drawn to homes with multiple bedrooms, a kitchen, and joint space. Want a competitive edge to market your vacation property to families? Add items and safety features to accommodate them. We’ve started a list for you of some ideas that you can affordably add to your vacation rental, and market to attract parents and their kids:

Amenities for Small Kids 

  • Crib

  • Stroller

  • High chair

  • Baby toys

  • Baby monitor

Safety Measures for Small Kids

  • Childproof the cabinets

  • Install baby gates over stairs

  • Install safety latches and locks where needed

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