Cyber Security for Vacation Rentals

Posted by Yael Brown on Jan 31, 2020 9:00:00 AM

cyber security for vacation rentals

We’ve previously written about how to make your property a Smart Home, but there are consequences associated with connecting a rental unit to apps. Hackers become more sophisticated every day, and they’re learning how to break in to homes digitally via internet-controlled home features. Now, we still think smart lights are an awesome feature that will make your rental property stand out- in fact, all Smart Home features can be safe if you follow our cyber security tips below.

Update Your Smart Lock Passcodes

Smart Locks have changed the game for vacation rentals- guests love the convenience, and it allows the property owner to manage guest change-overs remotely. However, it’s important to change your passcodes, and well as your password for the app that controls the lock. Come up with a list of rotating pin numbers and passcodes, or use a service like LastPass to generate and store secure passwords.

Manage Your Amazon Alexa Device's Privacy Settings

An Echo speaker is a great feature in a vacation rental- guests can play their own music, check the weather, or learn about the area they’re visiting. However, if the property owner’s data is connected to the device, they are susceptible to being hacked. Be sure that your home address isn’t linked to your rental’s Echo, and that your voice is the only one allowed to make purchases from your Amazon account. Here’s a great guide for making your Amazon echo products as secure as possible.

Secure Your WiFi Network

Ultimately, all your devices and apps link to the internet, so securing your network is the key to protecting your data and information. We found this step-by-step guide to optimizing your WiFi security. You can also buy a router that has extra security settings, like this one that connects to a Smart App so you can control your network from anywhere.

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