Amazon Key is an Attractive Feature for Tenants

Posted by Alyssa Tomashek on Feb 5, 2018 8:00:00 AM

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Advances in technology have helped foster the need for instant gratification. People have grown increasingly accustomed to getting what they want and getting it now. Amazon has done well in catering to this need with their same-day and next-day delivery services.


There's just one issue - if no one is home to accept the package, one of two things will happen. If at a residential property, the Amazon package is left at the front door, leaving it vulnerable to theft and therefore ending the possibility of instant gratification. If at an apartment complex, it's left with the front office, sometimes forcing the tenant to wait to pick up the package when their time off from work or school overlaps with open office hours.  

That's where Amazon Key comes in. Amazon Key is a security camera and smart lock system that allows Amazon Prime users to securely grant in-home delivery and guest access while they're away from home (about 70% of households have a Prime membership). This product will be highly attractive to the instant gratification generations: Millennials and Gen Zers. Adding an Amazon Key system will differentiate your property and allow you to charge more in rent. 

To learn more about Amazon services that can help make your properties stand out and make you more money, check out this Bigger Pockets article.

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