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Brokers: Here’s Who to Partner with to Find Investor Clients

Service Providers Brokers can Partner With

For brokers looking to work with more investor clients, we always recommend starting with your database and networking with investors at events and REIAs. Another tried and true approach is to network with other service providers in the space. Here’s seven groups of service providers you probably have connections with that can help you find more clients:

  1. Realtors:

    Many savvy investors work with realtors to find the best deals on investment properties.
  2. Property Managers:

    Investors with large portfolios of properties often outsource their property management.
  3. Hard Money Lenders:

    Many hard money lenders have clients looking to refinance their hard money loans.
  4. Appraisers:

    Investors often have good relationships with appraisers.
  5. CPAs and Accountants:

    Many investors seek tax and financing guidance from professionals.
  6. Attorneys:

    Investors with large portfolios work with attorneys for legal guidance.
  7. Wealth Advisors:

    Similar to the concept of accountants and attorneys, many investors have professional wealth advisors to help them manage their investments.

Another method we recommend for finding investors is through LinkedIn Groups and other online digital groups. For more tips on marketing to and finding real estate investors, check out our Broker and Partner Resources Page. Interested in partnering with Visio? Check out our Broker Program.

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