4 Kinds of Emails Brokers Should Send to Their Databases

Posted by Hannah Lapin on Feb 1, 2019 9:00:00 AM

4 Kinds of Emails for Broker Databases)

According to HubSpot, a leading marketing and sales platform, 91% of consumers check their email daily, and on average, email generates $38 for every dollar spent (that’s a 3,800% ROI!!). Email marketing can be a fantastic tool for brokers to generate business from the contacts they already have in their databases. Here are four kinds of emails brokers can send that can really pay off (literally!):

  1. Product Marketing Emails: Share with your database the kinds of products and services that you offer. Do you work with fix and flip lenders, conforming lenders, rental lenders? Update your contacts on what you offer, and if there are any particularly good deals available.
  2. Relationship Building Emails: This can be a variety of different kinds of emails that are meant to build relationships with your database. It could be warm holiday wishes or just checking in. See our relationship building email templates
  3. Content Emails: HubSpot research found that 53% of consumers say free content on a topic they are interested in attracts them to a business. Become a resource for your clients and grow your business by providing relevant content. We offer a variety of Investor Resources that we welcome you to download and share. See our content marketing email templates
  4. Targeted Emails: Divide your database into segments and send relevant emails based on that grouping. It could be geographic segmentation, so you send Florida clients information about Florida lenders or interest segmentation, so you send fix and flip clients information about fix and flip deals. There are a lot of possibilities of segmentation, and people are more likely to open emails that are directly relevant to them.

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