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7 Items from Amazon You Should Have in Your Vacation Rental

7 Vacation Rental Must-Haves

Nothing ruins a vacation quite like arriving to your beautiful property and realizing there isn’t one towel in the bathroom. Keep your guests happy and boost your rental’s reviews by including the following products in your property:

  1. Towels

    But not just any towels- soft, supple, spa-quality towels. White is always classic, but if your rental is in a tropical area try mixing it up with a bright color.
  2. Nespresso Machine

    Nespresso coffee makers are not only compact and sleek, but also make excellent coffee! Treat your guests (or yourself!) to a decadent cup of espresso to start every day on the right foot. For an extra special touch, add these glass espresso cups.
  3. Extra Outlets with USB Ports

    Most renters will be far from home, so they’ll likely bring their electronics so they can connect when they need to. If you’re really committed, you can install these outlets with additional ports in place of traditional outlets, but we love this alarm clock that doubles as a charging dock!
  4. Cozy Blankets

    Keep extra blankets in your rental for the unexpected cold spells and to add extra décor to your space. A faux fur fabric gives a luxurious feeling without a huge investment.
  5. Clothing Steamer

    No one wants to assemble an ironing board and wait for an iron to heat up after a long drive or plane ride. Upgrade to a steamer that gets wrinkles out of clothes just as effectively but works faster!
  6. Wine Bottle Opener

    The party doesn’t have to stop to watch a YouTube video on how to uncork a bottle without a cork screw! An electric bottle opener makes the process easy. Add this magnetic beer bottle opener to complete your bar set up.
  7. Toilet Paper

    It may not be glamorous, but these essentials are very essential. Use Amazon Pantry for a reliable subscription service to ensure that your property is always stocked!

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