3 2020 Vacation Rental Trends to Implement in Your Rentals

Posted by Hannah Lapin on Jan 10, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Implement 2020 Vacation Rental Trends

Lodgify recently published a post on 2020 vacation rental trends to watch out for, including unique accommodations such as tepees and tiny houses. Trends can help you formulate your investment strategy, but what’s cool is there are up-and-coming trends you can easily implement on your existing rentals. Here are three trends and tips on how you can implement them to stay competitive in 2020:

  1. Traveling with pets.

    The Lodgify article notes that 42% of pet owners plan their stays based on where they can bring their pets. Step one in this trend is simply advertising that you offer pets. Take it a step further by including pet amenities. Here are some you can include for low cost at Amazon:
    • Put out a jar or small Ziploc bag of dog treats.
    • Leave a roll or a handful of poop bags. (Bonus, encouragement for guests to clean up after their pets)
    • Provide a small variety of dog toys.

See More Ideas of How to Make Your Rentals Pet-Friendly


  1. Fitness and wellness travel.

    This is a booming market and predicted to reach $919 billion in the next two years. Market the hiking and biking trails near your rental to appeal to these travelers. Additionally, equip your vacation rental with compact fitness equipment if you are tight on space. If you have more space, consider putting in a home gym to really appeal to fitness guests.


  1. Sustainable travel.

    Lodgify notes that 56% of young people want to stay in eco-friendly accommodations. Some options include providing recycling bins or installing solar panels. Some other, simple ways to make your vacation rental eco-friendlier include:

Also consider monitoring your vacation rental energy use

Implementing these trends is sure to increase your 2020 bookings and profitability. See more vacation rental management tips or more investor tips here.

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