5 Amazon Products to Make Your Vacation Rentals Pet Friendly

Posted by Hannah Lapin on Mar 20, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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According to a HomeAway Trends report, a way to gain more traction to your rental property is to target niche markets. And one of the biggest niche markets? Pet lovers! The report states that 31% of travelers want to take their pets on vacation. Want to attract this large and growing market? We found five great, inexpensive products on Amazon to help you market your vacation rentals to pet lovers:

  1. Feed both dogs and cats AND prevent a mess with the UPSKY Double Dog Cat Pet Bowls. Sleek, stylish, and under $15, these bowls come in three colors and are a no-brainer.
  2. Complete the food setup with the Hubulk Dog Cat Food Feeding Mat. This mat comes in six colors, is non-slip waterproof, and is only $9.99.
  3. Provide play time for both cats and dogs with the Love Pet Home Pet Toys for Dogs and Cats. At just $16.99, this set comes with 10 pet toys for lots of pet fun. Bonus, the pet toys are nontoxic and promote clean teeth.
  4. Store all of your vacation rental pet toys in the cute Top Paw Folding Pet Storage Box. This little bin comes highly rated, is foldable if you do not need it, and is only $13.20.
  5. Offer your fur guests a cozy place to sleep with the Utopia Home Fleece Bed. At only $11.99, this pet bed sleeps both cats and dogs, offers bolster padding, and is machine washable.

Keep in mind product pricing and availability may change. Other niche market trends to look out for: special diets and road trippers. For more vacation rental and landlord resources, check out our Resources Page.

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