Where to Purchase Your Real Estate Marketing Materials

Posted by Hannah Lapin on May 8, 2018 9:29:58 AM

Real Estate Marketing Materials

Being a realtor or real estate investor doesn’t just involve expert knowledge of the real estate industry; it also requires some marketing expertise. Open houses and property listings need to be well-advertised to be given a competitive edge. And if you are an investor who uses the BRRRR Method, you will particularly want flyers with all of the upgrades you included in a rehab. While a lot of real estate marketing these days is done online, there is still a fair amount of print marketing materials you need.


We’ve done some research to find the best pricing by type:

  1. Use Vistaprint for postcards, brochures, flyers, and business cards. When it comes to print materials like these, Vistaprint has highly competitive pricing. Additionally, they almost always are running a special promotion, so never purchase anything without checking their Specials Page.
  2. Use 4Imprint for promotional materials such as pens, post-it notes, water bottles, etc. Get branded pens for as low as eight cents each at 4Imprint. They have fantastic pricing, especially if you are looking to buy in bulk (which we recommend). Keep in mind that they do charge a setup fee, but like Vistaprint, they always have sales and promotional codes available.
  3. Use BuildASign.com for retractable banners and yard signs. BuildASign offers great pricing and free standard shipping. Hard to beat that! They also frequently have site wide sales.

Keep in mind that this research is based on consistently favorable pricing from our own experience and some comparison research. We encourage you to find other offers out there, and if you find better deals, we would love to hear about them!

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