Visio Closes Record Setting $87.4 Million in Q1 2019

Posted by Hannah Lapin on Apr 30, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Visio Closes 87.4 Million in Q1 2019

After a record-setting growth of nearly 85% in loan originations in 2018 and a rapid growth to an annual run rate in excess of $350 million, Visio Lending continued to scale in the first quarter of 2019, originating a new record of $87.4 million in rental loans (check out some of our recently closed loans).

At Visio Lending, we believe your success is our success, and we are pleased by the tremendous growth of the first quarter and hope to continue to grow and thrive together. We believe in tailoring our products to meet investors’ needs and are continually adding to and adjusting our loan products to make them more attractive. This April, we launched several new product offerings, including new prepayment buy-out options and the restructuring of our Portfolio Plus Loan Program rates to be more attractive. We have more exciting offerings in the works. (Sign up for our email updates for the latest news).

For our brokers and partners, we strive to keep your workloads to a minimum. Our Broker Program is one of the best in the country, enabling brokers to close rental loans through a fast, simple, and dependable process.  Our brokers are earning up to 3 pts per closed loan and doing incredibly well with our top broker making over $58k in March alone.

We are proud to offer our clients 30-day ownership seasoning on refinances, LTVs up to 80% on purchases, flexible fees and rate structures, and fully amortizing 30-yr term with no balloon payments, among many other investor-friendly perks. Contact us to continue to grow and thrive together.

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See the full press release on Visio's Q1 Performance.

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