Update Your Lighting Fixtures Using Amazon

Posted by Hannah Lapin on May 15, 2018 9:25:01 AM


Property updates don’t necessarily have to be full blown renovations and construction projects. Simple fixes, such as updating the lighting, can give an outdated property a fresh look. What’s great is that you can pick out your new lighting from the comfort of your home using Amazon. We spent some time finding some of the highest rated, easy-to-install, affordable, elegant lighting fixtures. Check out these products, which are all under $40 and have the option to arrange an expert set up:

  1. Update your lighting by simply switching out the light bulbs with these Basic Hardware Antique Vintage bulbs.

    vintage light bulbs
    Offering a dim-able, warm amber glow, these light bulbs give an existing room an entirely different look with no need for expert installation. Compatible with standard home lighting sockets, you can get six light bulbs for just $18.95.
  2. Add some subtle class with the Home Selects Mount Ceiling Light.

    subtle class
    With high ratings and a low return rate, this light fixture makes your basic lighting a tiny bit fancier. Plus, it is $28.99 with free shipping.
  3. Add an industrial look with this Claxy Excopower Light Pendant.

    industrial light
    This modern looking pendant is perfect for any room. Hang one over a kitchen island or two in the living room; get creative. At only $32.99 each, they are an affordable way to add a fresh look.
  4. Get a fancy look for less with the Mooni Hallway Crystal Chandelier.

    fancy lighting
    This gorgeous light comes pre-assembled with easy installation instructions. It is bright, elegant, and only $37.20.


Keep in mind, all of these products are subject to pricing changes and availability. For more vacation rental items and tips, see our "Vacation Rental" section of our blog. For additional resources to help you grow your rental portfolio, see our Resources Page.

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