3 Cheap Amazon Products to Increase Curb Appeal

Posted by Hannah Lapin on Apr 9, 2018 9:01:17 AM

Curb Appeal

There is no question that curb appeal is an important feature for any rental property. The exterior of a property provides the first impression to that property, and can make a significant difference when showing the house. Also, there are minor, inexpensive adjustments you can make to increase curb appeal. We found these three great products on Amazon that are sure to beautify the outside of your property:

  1. Add brass numbers to your mailbox to spruce it up.

    brass mailbox numbers
    These Blk-Tech numbers are self-stick, come in numbers 0-9, and are only $4-7 each. They are sure to provide a sleek look, and help identify your address. Don’t want them on your mailbox? You can stick them just about anywhere.
  2. Upgrade your outdoor lighting fixtures for a modern look.

    outdoor lighting
    Updating lighting doesn’t have to be expensive. These Designers Fountain lanterns are very cool looking, and they are only $12.98 each.
  3. Hang planters to add color and a distinguished look.

    cobraco planters
    These CobraCo planters come in 24 inch and 36 inch options and are starting at $26.50, respectively. They are easy to install and have fantastic reviews on Amazon.

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