Top 3 Reasons to Join a Real Estate Investment Association (REIA)

Posted by Hannah Lapin on May 29, 2018 10:53:08 AM

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You’ve probably gotten flyers and seen advertisements for your local Real Estate Investment Association (REIA), and you may have wondered if it will be worth your time and money. In our experience, the benefits of local real estate clubs far outweigh the annual fees and will be well worth your time. Here are our top three reasons to join a REIA:

  • Networking:

REIAs are a great place to meet other real estate investors, real estate agents, contractors, and other industry leaders who can help you succeed in the business. You can also ask other investors for referrals and honest reviews for lenders, brokers, and the like. If you’re really good at networking within your REIA, you can find some great deals.


  • Mentorship:

Many members of REIAs have decades of experience to share. If you are new to real estate investing, finding mentors can provide personal value and insights that you might not get elsewhere.


  • Education:
REIAs often have fantastic educational programs and speakers. Some of the helpful topics we’ve seen include, how to identify properties with high appreciation, how to grow your rental portfolio, tax strategy options, and landlording mistakes to avoid.

To find a REIA, visit the National Real Estate Investors Association or For more resources, check out our Investor Resources Page.


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