3 Sites to Help You Find Local Real Estate Meetups

Posted by Hannah Lapin on Nov 14, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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Whether you’re a Visio Broker or Referral Partner, one of the top questions we get is “how can I find investors?” That’s why on our Broker and Partner Resources page we have ample resources guiding our partners on digital marketing strategies. However, one tried and true method for generating leads: networking.  Real estate can be a word-of-mouth business, so we recommend getting out in the community and making real-time connections. There are thousands of real estate events all over the country, but you can start locally. There are many tools to help you find meetups. Here are three we like.

  1. National REIA.org- https://nationalreia.org

    There are more than 100 local real estate association groups affiliated with the National Real Estate Investors Association, an established non-profit trade association serving the real estate investing industry. Simply go to “Find a REIA near you” to be guided to a local real estate investors association, where you can inquire about events and membership. Keep in mind, these events are more official, yet often cost money.

  2. MeetUp.com- https://www.meetup.com

    MeetUp.com has hundreds of events in your area hosted by local meetup groups. Simply search “real estate meetup” on the home page, and let the results roll in. The results will include the time and place, the details and schedule, the host group, and let you see who else is attending. You can even join groups and join the conversation before meeting anyone in person.

  3. Eventbrite- https://www.eventbrite.com/

    Search Eventbrite for local events happening near you. You can filter by the industry, the date, and even specify if you want to attend free events. There are tons of events, including online Webinars, and it is very easy to register and find the information you need.

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