Top 10 Hardest Visio Quizzes of 2019

Posted by Hannah Lapin on Jan 3, 2020 9:00:00 AM


We have nearly 30 quizzes on our website with over 500 participants. See the average score of the ten hardest quizzes. Think you can top these scores?

  1. "Title Definitions Quiz”: Test your knowledge on tile related terms.
    • Average Score= 73%
  1. "Blanket Loan Quiz”: Test your knowledge on blanket loans, including related clauses and terminology.
    • Average Score= 71%
  1. "Mortgage Acronyms Quiz”: Test your knowledge on the various mortgage acronyms.
    • Average Score= 70%
  1. "Ultimate Landlord Quiz”: Test your knowledge on all things landlord including insurance, taxes, and more.
    • Average Score= 69%
  1. " Landlord Friendly State Quiz”: Test your knowledge on which states have the friendliest legislation for landlords.
    • Average Score= 65%
  1. " Visio Rate Structure Quiz”: Test your knowledge on Visio rate structures and how to target them to meet your investment needs.
    • Average Score= 63%
  1. "How Long Do Things Last? Quiz”: Test your knowledge on the average life expectancies of house parts and appliances.
    • Average Score= 42%
  1. "2019 Vacation Rental Market Quiz”: Test your knowledge on vacation rental markets in the United States and worldwide.
    • Average Score = 41%
  1. " State Rental Laws Quiz”: Test your knowledge on rental laws by state.
    • Average Score= 31%
  1. "US Median SFR Rental Prices Quiz”: Test your knowledge on which states are the most expensive and least expensive to rent in.
    • Average Score= 27%

Stay tuned for more challenging quizzes in 2020.

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