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Our Favorite Real Estate Networking Events


If you are a real estate investor looking for networking opportunities, as well as educational opportunities, or if you are in the real estate industry (property managers, wholesalers, etc.) and looking to connect with investors and other industry leaders, we have a great list of recurring events for you to look at. We have spent years attending Real Estate Investment Industry annual events and have put together a list of our favorites:

  1. Single-Family Rental Summit

    Presented by Five Star, the annual Single Family Rental Summit features subject matter experts and skilled Single Family Residential investors leading relevant panels and training sessions.
  2. IMN Single Family Rental Forum

    IMN offers several real estate conferences, including our favorite, the SFR Rental Forum. This conference provides an overview of pertinent topics such as how to grow your rental portfolio and where the real estate market is headed.
  3. The Five Star Conference and Expo

    An annual three-day event,  The Five Star Conference and Expo  provides a mix of networking sessions, trainings, and “labs,” such as a property management lab, diversity and inclusion lab, and foreclosure lab.
  4. Pitbull Conference

    Marketed as the “ultimate resource for real estate brokers, lenders, investors, and service providers,” the Pitbull Conference puts on a handful of yearly events throughout the country. These events are usually two days of presentations on a wide array of topics and highlight educational speakers.

Want more ways to network with real estate investors? Check out our Networking Page and our blog post The Best Networking Opportunities with Buy and Hold Investors.

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