Expect the Unexpected: Common Rental Property Issues

Posted by Hannah Lapin on Jul 26, 2018 11:05:12 AM

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According to The Iceberg Report, the most comprehensive analysis of the single family residential rental industry ever done, 50% of rental property owners are satisfied with their property managers and/or property management strategies. However, 77% of the same respondents reported issues with their properties. Here are the findings from The Iceberg Report on what investors and landlords claimed are common rental property issues along with the percentages on who reported those issues:

  • Unexpected Maintenance: 28%
  • Late and Delinquent Rent: 21%
  • Tenant Damage: 14%
  • Major Reno & Repairs: 6%
  • Eviction: 6%
  • Tenant Problems (such as noise complaints, unauthorized third-party residents, and pet and HOA violations): 5%
  • Extended Vacancy: 4%
  • Fair Housing Issues: 2%

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