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    Top 3 Property Management Mistakes

    Be sure to avoid these three common property management mistakes:

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    A Buyer’s Market is Coming- What Do we Do?

    Well, there’s always panic, but I’d not recommend it.

    For some time now, financial newspapers have been publishing...

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    The Best Day of the Year to Buy a House

    Many of us have vague notions of the best time of year to buy or sell a home (two sides of the same coin). I’ve always...

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    New to Real Estate Investing? Find a Mentor.

    When I got started in real estate investing, I had no money, bad credit, and no knowledge of investing or even...

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    The Funniest Thing a Tenant Ever Did to Me

    Have you ever noticed that the very funniest stories that we have to tell were not in the least bit funny at the time...

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    The Danger of Vacant Homes

    It is well-nigh impossible to impossible to be a buy and hold real estate investor for any length of time without...

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