5 Side Hustles to Try in 2020

Posted by Hannah Lapin on Jan 8, 2020 9:00:00 AM

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According to MarketWatch, 45% of U.S. workers earn additional income outside of their primary career, and side hustlers make an average of $1,122 per month. Side hustling is a great way to pay off debt, earn extra income, and set your own hours and schedules. Here are five side hustles to try out this year:

  1. Get paid to network at interesting events with Forage.

    Forage is the first ever marketplace where companies hire freelancers to attend events and generate business. Pick from hundreds of real estate events all over the world that appeal to you and fit with your schedule and GET PAID to go.
  2. Upload your photos and footage to Shutterstock.

    Shutterstock is a global marketplace for artists and creators to sell their footage, images, and vectors. You can earn money for your work based on the type of images you upload, and the amount users download them.
  3. Get paid for human intelligence task on Mechanical Turk.

    An Amazon company, Mechanical Turk operates a marketplace for work that requires human intelligence such as identifying objects in a photo or video, transcribing audio recording, or researching data deals (just to give you an idea). You set your hours and select the tasks you want to complete.
  4. Take on some freelance work through Upwork.

    Upwork is an online platform that connects freelancers to projects. Have skills in SEO, social media, content writing, graphic design, administrative tasks, accounting, etc.? Check Upwork for high-paying, quick turnaround opportunities.
  5. Become a Visio Lending Referral Partner.

    Through the Visio Lending Referral Program, you can earn $500 for each residential real estate investor you refer that closes on a loan. Simply network with landlords and investors and refer them to Visio. The more you refer, the larger your earning potential! 

For more side hustle and passive income opportunities, see our "Ultimate Guide to Passive Income." Also check out our Referral Partner Resources to learn how to make a killing through our Referral Program. 

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