5 Secrets to Staging Your House for a Quick Rental

Posted by Hannah Lapin on Oct 20, 2017 9:45:45 AM


So you've hit Craigslist , Zillow, Facebook, etc. and are having a hard time securing tenants. As a landlord, vacancies are one of the costliest and scariest experiences. Studies show that staged homes sell 70% faster than unstaged ones, so spending a little money on staging your rental property could pay off in the long run. Additionally, staging your rental property can help you maximize your rent in a competitive market. If you're convinced that staging is a good move for you, here are our top tips on how to do it.

  1. Purpose every room. 

    By making it clear what every room in the house is for, it inspires renters to image how they would use the space. Staging a reading nook in the office, for example, not only creates a cozy feeling of home, but also encourages renters to visualize the room full of their own books, Don't forget to stage outdoor spaces as well!
  3. Play to your audience. 

    Is the home near an elementary school in a neighborhood full of families? Use that to your advantage. Stage a cute kids' bedroom in one of the smaller bedrooms. Alternatively, if the home is in an up-and-coming area for young professionals, take on a modern feel and create a sleek home office or guest bedroom.
  5. Provide the senses of home.

    When most people think of home, their memories incorporate relaxing sounds, nice smells, and comforting surroundings. Using comfortable but minimal furniture, candles, light music and the details of home (bowls of fruit, fresh flowers) will invite renters to experience the space as their own.
  7. Create spacious illusions. 

    No matter what the home's square footage, you can make it seem large or small based on the placement of furniture and accessories you choose. It's all about perception. Renters most likely won't notice that a room has a double bed instead of a queen, just that the room looks large.
  9. Keep it bright. 

    Choose lighting that is cool and welcoming, and be sure to let in an abundance of natural light. Be careful of corners, which can appear dull without floor lamps. Clear light fixtures and bright colors can go a long way in evoking a happy home.

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