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4 Ways to Add Seating to Your Vacation Rental Living Room

Add Seating to Vacation Rental Living Room

It is a best practice in the vacation rental industry to have as much seating in your vacation rental living room as your home sleeps. For example, Evolve Vacation Rental Network says, “If you have enough beds to sleep 6 people at your vacation rental, you’ll want 6 people to be able to sit comfortably in your living room.” So, what do you do if your vacation rental sleeps a lot, yet has a tiny living room? Here are four, creative methods to add seating to your vacation rental living room. Plus, we found seating options for you on Amazon:

  1. Store ottomans or stools under your coffee table.

    That way, they can be easily pulled out when needed and stored away otherwise for a clutter-free living room. We like the Ashley Furniture Signature Design Kelton Coffee Table with 2 Stools. With this three-piece set, you get ottomans that perfectly fit under a sleek looking coffee table to save the time of finding stools and a coffee table separately.
  2. Use an ottoman as a coffee table.

    We love pieces that serve multiple functions. The Convenience Concepts Designs4Comfort Storage Ottoman functions as a coffee table, ottoman, and has inside concealed storage.
  3. Have pillow cushions available.

    Like ottomans under a coffee table, pillow cushions can be stored away when not needed. They also can be stylish and fun. We like the Intelligent Design Azza Polly Floor Pillow Cushion. It comes in different colors and is highly rated.
  4. Add in a pouf or two.

    Poufs can act as an accessory to your living room and do not take up too much space. The Keter Urban Knit Pouf Set is an Amazon best-seller, and comes with two poufs and a side table.

For more help with your living room, see Evolve’s Vacation Rental 101: Living and Dining Rooms. For more vacation rental tips and products, see our Investor Resources Page

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