2 Platforms Brokers can Use for Marketing Images

Posted by Hannah Lapin on May 22, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Image Generating Platforms

According to Codeless, posts with images get 94% more views than posts without images. Additionally, infographics are a very popular form of visual content with 3x the shares on social media than other forms of content. To generate copyright free, visually appealing, and FREE images and infographics for your marketing efforts, we recommend two user-friendly platforms: Canva and Easel.ly.


What it’s best for: Presentations, social posts and graphics, flyers, one-pagers, letterheads, invitations, social ads, and announcements

Why we like it: Canva is extremely user-friendly with access to over 8,000 templates and millions of free photos. Plus, it gives you the exact size you need for each kind of social graphic. (You need different image sizes for a Facebook post then you do for Instagram, etc).

How to use: Simply select the kind of image you need to generate and either work off a free template, or design from scratch with access to photos, shapes, clipart, text, and more.


What it’s best for: Infographics, timelines, charts

Why we like it: Easel.ly makes it easy to use a template to customize your own information into a pre-existing design. It also enables you to add links to all your images (think, link to your website.)

How to use: Search through the hundreds of free templates and find one you like. Then make it your own with your own information.

Also, learn where to find free stock photos. Happy content marketing! For more broker marketing tips and tools, visit our Broker Resources Page. Want to broker to us, and earn up to 5 pts per closed loan? Check out the Visio Broker Program.

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