Posted by Hannah Lapin ● Mar 5, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Why Brokers Love Working with Visio

The Visio Lending Broker Program is fast, simple, and dependable. Residential mortgage brokers are drawn to us because we are less restricted by regulations, and commercial brokers never have to miss a loan opportunity that passes their desks.


Plus, Visio Brokers are making a killing (see some of our top broker payouts). Here are some other highlights of our Broker Program:

  • Up to 5% broker commission
  • Fast closings: our average closing time is 21 days, so you get paid fast
  • Simple terms and rates; view our rental loan programs
  • No license required (except in CA) means multiple state opportunities
  • Designated Account Executive and in-house processing keeps your workload down
  • One-year Visio Broker protection
  • White-label flyers and ample Broker Resources

Ready to become an Approved Broker? Check out our Broker Program. Want help finding rental loan clients? Check out the “Real Estate Marketing” section of our blog and our Broker and Partner Resources.

 Become Approved Broker

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