What to Do For Uninsured, Flooded Rental Properties- Hurricane Irma

Posted by Hannah Lapin on Sep 19, 2017 1:04:48 PM

graphic of a cloud raining on a houseIn the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, millions are returning home to assess the damage to their properties. For those landlords that unfortunately have flooded rentals, but no flood insurance, we have revised our previous blog post on Hurricane Harvey rental damage and applied it to those in Florida:

  • Look into Disaster Unemployment Assistance: If you are self-employed and you are not able to work or perform services because of physical damage or destruction as a result of Hurricane Irma, you may be eligible for federal Disaster Unemployment Assistance. Click here for more information. 
  • Consult a counselor for emotional guidance: The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration(SAMHSA) offers counseling and support to people experiencing emotional distress related to a natural disaster.
  • Refinance an undamaged rental home: You could refinance with Visio to take equity out of another property and repair your damaged property. For more information on our refi options, visit our Loan Programs.

For more information on fixing up flood damage in your property, check out this great guide from Fast Home Help.  Also see Bankrate's guide on emergency preparedness for seniors and people with disabilities for comprehensive safety resources. 

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