Vacation Rental Property Essentials

    Posted by Hannah Lapin on Jan 31, 2019 9:00:00 AM

    Vacation Rental Property Essentials (1)

    Short-term rental investors have to provide certain essentials that long-term rental property owners do not typically provide (think towels). While we usually advise offering additional amenities to make your properties more appealing (the competition can be tough), we pulled a list of essentials for every rental property and a list of nice-to-have items.

    Essentials for Every Vacation Rental Property

    - Toilet Paper (at least 2 rolls per bathroom)

    - Box of tissues (at least 1 box per bathroom)

    - Bath Towels (at least 2 per guest)

    - Washcloths (at least 4 per guest)

    - Hand Towels (at least 2 per guest)

    - Sheets for each bed (at least 2 sets)

    - Kitchen towels (at least 2)

    - Paper towels (at least 2 rolls)

    - Liners for Trash Cans

    - Flashlight

    - First Aid Kit

    - Plunger

    Nice-to-Have Vacation Rental Property Items

    - Cable

    - Large TV

    - Deck of cards

    - Board games

    - Hair dryer in each bathroom

    - Washer/Dryer


    Preparing your vacation rental? HomeAway has a fantastic essential items checklist. Want more investor resources and tips? See our Resources Page.  

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