Top 5 Real Estate Marketing Tools In Pandemic Time

Posted by Theresa Cofield on Dec 28, 2020 9:00:00 AM

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The COVID-19 Pandemic broke out unexpectedly changing the day-to-day flow of things. It made the whole world adapt to the new reality with masks and social distancing. Real estate agencies and all other businesses needed to adjust. We’ve prepared this guide exclusively for all real estate agents presenting you with five tips on how to make your business profitable in a pandemic time. Keep reading if you’re really interested in making money.

1. Switch to Virtual Tours

Recently, Mashvisor agents spoke with real estate agents in a number of American housing markets in order to find out the popular tactic they use in today’s reality. They claim that the most preferred way to continue buying and selling real estate since COVID-19 broke out is the use of virtual reality. Among the benefits of virtual tours, we can distinguish the following:

  • More showings in less time
  • More sales
  • More connection with foreign investors and buyers

When real estate investors and homebuyers are unable to visit the properties for sale in person for obvious reasons, viewing virtual tours of them is the second-best alternative. Photos and descriptions are all good but let’s be frank, not enough to generate sales. Consequently, creating virtual tours is a basic digital real estate marketing strategy that agents should adopt.

Luckily, there are plenty of inexpensive and easy-to-use online real estate marketing tools that can design three-dimensional tours of homes for sale, which means real estate agents don't need to hire a professional and overestimate their operating costs in these difficult times.


2. Optimize Your Social Media Accounts

While some real estate agents doubt the efficiency of social networks in promoting their name in the real estate market, others who focus on their social media marketing are gaining success. LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook are especially important for agents because these are professional platforms that highlight your trustworthiness and reliability as a real estate expert. You wouldn’t deny that these characteristics are crucial in periods of uncertainty and instability, such as the current coronavirus pandemic.

Here are a few basic tips on how to optimize social networks into your professional activity.
  • Fill out your profile and add a professional photo, preferably with the logo of your brokerage agency.
  • List your skills and contact people you know ( other agents and intermediaries, as well as past clients and other industry representatives) to validate your skills.
  • If you have lots of real estate tips, insight, and news, don’t hesitate to share this information with your followers.
  • Be sure to actively share all the content you create for your website and blog on your social networks. Don’t skip notifications and interact with what people on your network post.

3. Consistently Send Out E-Newsletter and e-Postcards to Subscribers

Sending e-newsletters and podcasts regularly is another surefire way to stay in touch with your customers and reach potential customers during a pandemic period. E-newsletters and e-cards are designed to remind clients and future clients that you are available if your readers are interested in your services. Make sure the newsletters you send are informative, visually appealing, and not pushy. Include links to your social media accounts, lists, open days, and blog posts that may be relevant. This method also has a high potential of leads that convert to sales.

4. Livestream Your Listing's Open House

While many of you know think of livestreaming as an Instagram privilege or the way to earn on CSGO betting websites, it also is a lucrative estate tool. This is the smartest way to reach out to potential home buyers without violating the rules of social distancing. In a pandemic era, many buyers may be uncomfortable viewing the properties in person.

You can hold meetings via Skype, Zoom, Facebook, or any other convenient platform. The most important benefit of this digital real estate marketing over the virtual tours method is that potential buyers can ask the sales agent to highlight any specific features of the property.

Moreover, the seller's agent can involve more than one buyer if schedules the online meeting properly and learns to deal with several requests simultaneously.

5. Make Your Blog Mobile-Friendly

Optimizing your content to mobile will ensure that the content of your website is displayed more often. Why? According to real estate data in the report of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) "Real Estate in the Digital Age 2019," last year 76% of home buyers found their home on a mobile device. It means that mobile phones were the main gadgets people used to search for a house even before the Coronavirus pandemic.

This demonstrates that real estate websites need to be mobile-friendly. Of course, it requires deep knowledge in the sphere of programming or hiring a software developer, to create a website in a mobile-friendly form.

Integrating mobile optimization into online marketing for real estate agents can’t be neglected. This will help you earn more leads not only during a pandemic but also after it, as the world tends to move in that direction.



Since the Coronavirus pandemic is again gaining pace, more businesses now develop an online strategy and real estate marketing should not neglect that fact. Now when you know the top 5 real estate marketing tools in pandemic time, you can successfully deploy them to generate sales.

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