Investor Landlording Strategies

Posted by Hannah Lapin on Aug 31, 2017 5:13:10 PM

Investor Landlording Strategies

According to The Iceberg Report, a comprehensive study of the SFR real estate investment industry, almost 50% of investors manage their own rental properties. The other half either use a third-party vendor entirely or designate certain responsibilities to third party vendors.

Here are some of the tasks involved with landlording and how investors are managing them:

  • Rent Collection:
    • Self Manage: 52%
    • 3rd Party: 35%
    • Self and 3rd Party: 11%
    • Other: 2%
  • Repair and Maintenance:
    • Self Manage: 31%
    • 3rd Party: 27%
    • Self and 3rd Party: 38%
    • Other: 4%
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping:
    • Self Manage: 53%
    • 3rd Party: 18%
    • Self and 3rd Party: 26%
    • Other: 3%

A large 48% of investors are finding tenants themselves. Here are some of their methods:

  • Online ads: 22%
  • Zillow, Craigslist or other rental site: 17%
  • Yard Signs: 16%
  • Print Ads: 4%

Want even more from The Iceberg Report? Check out our "How Investors are Financing Their Rental Properties" or download your free copy of The Iceberg Report.

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