Investing In Commercial Property In A Pandemic

Posted by Daisy Moss on Nov 4, 2020 9:00:00 AM

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Prior to Covid-19, investing in commercial property has historically been quite safe. Yet, with so many people working from home, paired with the dramatic increase in e-commerce, many have questioned the profitability of investing in commercial real estate in such uncertain times. For those of you who are wanting to invest, this article looks at two of the safest investments you can make with the potential for great growth and profit.


Flexible Offices

Flexible offices offer an alternative to traditional offices, as they provide a shared work space for multiple companies to use simultaneously. Workers can opt to work from home or come into an office environment when they would like to. In terms of the transmission of Coronavirus, this isn't a solution that would work well short-term. However, once we have moved past the virus, the way we work will have changed forever. People have seen the benefits of working from home, as they have saved valuable amounts of time and money. However, for many people, having the option to work in an office when they would like to is appealing. Flexible offices provide the perfect solution to this, as staff are happy with a good balance and business owners save money on exclusive leases. As far as commercial property management, you will also benefit, by getting ahead of the game and investing in flexible work spaces.


Industrial Properties

While some shops have struggled to adjust to e-commerce, others have prospered massively. Certain companies struggled to supply the demand for their products, causing serious issues with their entire supply chain. As a result, companies who are wanting to expand will be doing so by looking at more industrial properties to meet demand. This is not just a solution to shopping during the pandemic, as consumer habits are likely to have changed as people have adjusted to shopping online. Industrial properties will be an important component in the growth of the online retail industry.


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