How To Write Real Estate Social Media Posts That Sell

Posted by Frank Hamilton on Nov 2, 2020 9:00:00 AM

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Is social media the right choice for real estate marketing? The right answer depends on the audience of potential buyers you are going to target. Social media is great at selling properties to Millennials - those people who mostly prefer to rent than to buy. However, your ability to meet them in the right place, plus persuade them that buying a house can be even more profitable than renting it can become your competitive advantage, and the direct way to the high level of real estate sales. Here is how to do it with the help of social media posting.

Start By Picking Appealing Photos

You may come up with the greatest text for real estate posts ever, but the first impression of your potential customers will always be visual. That is why you should start creating your real estate social media marketing (SMM) publication by picking the best photos that are equally beautiful and meaningful.

In addition to your text, your photos should be able to answer the main questions and visually show the planning, interior and other specifics of the property you are going to sell.

Try to Answer All the Questions

Modern users don’t like to dig. They like to get the answers to all the possible questions right on the spot. Yes, it may be slightly difficult to mention all the important information about the house in a short SMM post but you still shouldn’t miss it.

For example, you may end your post with a checklist and specify all the important points very shortly. Be sure to mention the location, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, distinctive features (for example, a smart house system embedded), the price and the mortgage conditions.
Hint! End your post with a motivating call to action and ask users to call or Direct Message you right now.


Use Words that Sell

The right words choice is one more point that determines whether your real estate Facebook posts will be successful. The same goes for other social media platforms you are using for your strategies. So, you should be very careful with the words you are using and with the emotional overtones they carry.
For example, such words as affordable, budget-friendly, cosmetic, economic hint that there is something not so good about this property, and logically, there is more room for price negotiation. And on the contrary, such words as unique, luxury, eco-friendly, smart add more value to your offer.

Avoid Positive Discrimination

Even positive discrimination is not a good approach. For example, you shouldn’t specify that this or that property is for newlyweds or retired people. This seemingly kind recommendation may sound offensive for people who liked the house but don't fit into the specific category. Let them make their own decisions but provide them with complete information within your post.

Feel the task of creating real estate social media content too difficult to cope on your own? Entrust it to professionals! You may start by comparing Online Writers Rating of the Best Writers Online on the custom writing reviews platform and get in touch with an SMM writer with the best-fit experience. What is more, you may use the ordered posts as a template and start practicing on creating your own ones.


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