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How to Send Direct Messages on the Visio Referral Platform

Direct Messages to Visio Lending

In our blog category, “Referral Program,” we have ample resources on how Referral Partners can earn $500 for each referral who closes on a loan with us and on the many ways to refer to Visio Lending. Social media is one tried and true referral method, and so far, we have discussed how you can utilize the Referral Program Platform to post on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. Another option for Referral Partners is to send a direct message to contacts on social media. Here’s how.


On the Home Page of the Referral Platform, click "Post to LinkedIn." Once you do, a pop up box will appear giving you the option to "share in a post" or "send as private message." You can then select the contact you wish to message, and pick up the conversation later on LinkedIn. The Referral Program Platform will automatically track the link clicked as your referral.

Post to LinkedIn


Like LinkedIn, when you hit "Post to Facebook," you have some options. The default option is "Share to News Feed or Story," but you can also "Share on a Friend's Timeline," "Share in a Group," "Share in an Event," "Share on a Page You Manage," or "Share in a Private Message." All options will create a trackable link that will give you credit for any referrals. 



Personal URL

You also have the option to share however you like when you generate a your own link in the platform.  Simply click "Get Personal URL" on the Home Page, and then click "Get URL." Here are some ideas on how to refer to Visio with your personal URL. 


Not sure what to share? Check out some of our key marketing points for Referral Partners. Also, make sure you are following the FTC Guidelines outlined in our Terms and Conditions. Not yet a Referral Partner? Register for our Referral Program

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