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Posted by Hannah Lapin on Jun 15, 2021 2:27:50 PM

Referral Program Platform

An affiliate program is “an agreement in which a business pays another business or influencer (‘the affiliate’) a commission for sending traffic and/or sales their way” (Source: HubSpot).Typically, affiliate programs use trackable links to monitor referrals. The most common method of affiliate marketing is content marketing, yet someone with an affiliate link can spread the word via email, text, Twitter, you name it. When you activate your network, you open up earning potential that can be substantial. 

Over the years Visio Lending has grown our business with the support of content partners and word of mouth referrals. To show our appreciation we have implemented an affiliate program through Impact, a leading affiliate marketing company.

For those who are new to Visio Lending or affiliate marketing, we have put together some key information for you including:



Getting Started as an Affiliate Partner

Start by signing up through Impact. Once you create an account, you will have access to a trackable and personalized referral link, tools and resources, and a dashboard to monitor your referrals and payments. Our standard terms are $50 per qualified referral, which we define in the next few sections. 


Download this Guide as a PDF


How the Affiliate Program Works

Use your tracking link to spread the word about Visio Lending’s leading rental loans programs. The link will have a form, and referrals will be put in touch with a Visio sales rep if they fill it out. For simplicity and transparency, qualified leads will be determined by their form responses, rather than their conversations with our team. At the beginning of each month, we will pay all of our affiliate partners for their qualified referrals.

What Makes a Qualified Referral

The definition of qualified referrals is very straightforward. On the trackable page your referrals will be asked a few questions about themselves and their investment. Here are the questions and the answers we are looking for: 

  • Property condition: Referral must select rent-ready or needs minor repairs
  • Estimated credit score: Referral must have a 680 or above
  • Estimated as-is value: Property must be worth $150,000 or more
  • Investment type: Property must be either a buy and hold or vacation rental
  • Number of Units: Property must be 1-4 units

If your referral meets ALL of the above criteria, and is a net new lead, it will be considered a qualified lead, and we will pay you for it. Our standard terms are $50 per referral with no limit on number of referrals. Be sure to review our terms and conditions for all other details. 


Who Should Join the Affiliate Program

Visio Lending is defining and expanding the eco-system of investors and service providers for single-family and small balance commercial properties. Anyone who networks or works with investors is encouraged to join, including publications and industry professionals.


Anyone who runs a finance blog or produces high quality investor content would be a great fit for our affiliate program. Social media influencers and email marketers also fit into this category.

Industry Professionals

If you work directly with investors, we encourage you to educate them on our leading rental loans. We work with a number of service providers in the investor eco-system including:

  • Property managers
  • Realtors
  • Hard money lenders
  • Brokers
  • Wealth advisors

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Who to Refer to Visio Lending

Our borrowers are real estate investors looking to grow their portfolios of rental properties. This means they own single family homes (1-4 units) that they rent out.  They also could own a variety of different types of smaller commercial buildings including apartment complexes, mixed-use buildings, retail space or office buildings. Typically, our borrowers own 5 or more properties, but the number can vary. We also lend to borrowers looking for financing on vacation rentals. Think, HomeAway and AirBNB properties.


Spreading the Word about Visio's Leading Rental Loans

While content is the key affiliate method, there are many ways to share your trackable URL.


Highlight Visio Lending on your website. You can do this by:

  • Including your trackable URL on your FAQ page. Add a question about obtaining financing for rental properties and suggest Visio Lending.
  • Link to Visio on your home page. Consider adding a blurb such as “Finance Your Rental with the Nation’s Leader in Rental Loans.”
  • Recommend Visio Lending on a trusted partners page. If you work closely with investors, they will genuinely appreciate your suggestions, not just of lenders, but of property managers, realtors, contractors, etc.



Check out our sample posts:

  • Airbnb hosts and landlords can easily leverage their properties and obtain more wealth when partnering with Visio Lending. Take your investing game to the next level. You’re welcome in advance! #paidad [Insert Trackable URL]
  • Rental property lending with no tax returns or income verification? I promise, it’s not too good to be true. Visio Lending is helping investors across the nation provide affordable housing to renters. Learn the secrets to investing like a pro! #paidad [Insert Trackable URL]
  • I know first-hand, conventional lending can be a pain. Building wealth for my kids has become a piece of cake. Make money with your money by investing in single family rental properties. Learn the best kept secret for real estate investors.#paidad [Insert Trackable URL]



Here are some posts we have put together:

  • Borrow money like a professional when working with Visio Lending. They offer programs designed just for investors. You can learn how to leverage your current rental properties and grow your real estate portfolio with a streamlined qualification process. Not to mention, no DTI or tax returns required! Too good to be true? Not a chance! #paidad [Insert Trackable URL]
  • Investor financing at its finest. I just discovered Visio Lending, which offers fast and simple funding with programs designed for investors. Whether you’re savvy or just joining the game of real estate, Visio Lending’s team can assist you in obtaining and leveraging your rental properties. #paidad [Insert Trackable URL]
  • Alternative financing for real estate investors is the best kept secret when banks can no longer help you. Visio Lending has designed programs just for investors. Learn how I have built my rental portfolio by partnering with Visio Lending. #paidad [Insert Trackable URL]



Check out these sample tweets:

  • Why not invest with the best? Learn how I am receiving financing for my real estate rental properties and portfolio with my personal link, or shoot me a message and I would be happy to connect you with my private lender. [Insert Trackable URL]
  • Turn your real estate investing into a wealth strategy with my funding partner. You can use my personal link to get more information today on growing your real estate portfolio. [Insert Trackable URL]
  • You may not know, but I invest in real estate with a funding partner, who's the nation's leader in rental loans. Use my link below to receive more information on how I am growing my portfolio with rental properties. [Insert Trackable URL
  • You wouldn’t go to the optometrist for your bad knee, why go to a generic lender for your real estate investing? Customize your investment strategy with my choice of a mortgage lender. Use my personal link to get more insight on how I am investing in real estate. [IInsert Trackable URL]

Email Marketing

To make it as easy as possible for our partners, our Referral Program Platform includes an email template you can use and send directly via the platform. However, if you want to mix it up or email through your database, here are three templates you can use.


3 Referral Email Templates

Email Template #1


Key Point: Nation’s Leader in Rental Loans

Subject Line: Work with the Nation’s Leader in Rental Loans

Preview Text: Visio Lending offers flexible, long-term loans for SFR rental properties, including vacation rentals.


Looking to grow your rental portfolio? Visio Lending is the nation’s premier lender for buy and hold investors, offering flexible, long-term loans for SFR rental properties, including vacation rentals. They offer:

  • Full 30-year terms
  • No DTI or personal income qualifications
  • No tax returns or 4506 requirements
  • Up to 70% LTV on cash-out refinances and 75% LTV on purchases

To learn more and to work with Visio, visit [Insert Personal URL]

Email Template #2

Key Point: 2-8 Mixed-Use & 5-8 Multi-Family Property Financing

Subject Line: Great Rates & Terms on Mixed-Use and Multi-Family


Preview Text: Visio investors are financing their 2-8 unit MU and 5-8 unit MF properties with No DTI or NOI and No tax returns.


We thought you might be interested in learning more about Visio Lending to finance your 2-8 mixed-use and 5-8 multi-family deals. Visio offers investors:

  • Full 30-year terms, no balloons!
  • Simple haggle free pricing you can depend on
  • Ability to finance through a corporate entity
  • No NOI or tax returns

To learn more and to work with Visio, visit [Insert Personal URL]


Email Template #3

Key Point: Experience & Credibility

Subject Line: Visio Lending has Closed $2+ Billion DSCR Loans

Preview Text: Visio Lending is the Nation's Leader in rental loans with over 11k closed DSCR Loans, including $545 million closed in vacation rentals.


When it comes to DSCR loans, there are many players in the market. But you want to work with an All-Star with leading stats. Visio Lending boasts unprecedented records with $2+ billion closed DSCR loans, including $545 million vacation rentals financed.  Visio offers investors:


  • 30-year terms (no balloons)
  • No tax returns; no personal DTI
  • LTVs up to 75%

To learn more and to work with Visio, visit [Insert Personal URL]



FTC Compliance

For any post or message about Visio Lending, Referral Partners must include clear and conspicuous disclaimers about their potential referral earnings. Here is how to include your disclaimer and samples you are welcome to use to be compliant:


Option 1: Include a Disclaimer Somewhere Visible on a Website Page

Sample 1:

Disclaimer: Please note that if you choose to work with Visio Lending, we will earn a small commission. We choose to refer to Visio Lending because of their expertise, reputation, and superior investor loan programs, not because of the small commissions we make. Please do not do any business with any lender unless you feel they are the right fit for your investment needs and will help you achieve your financial goals.


Sample 2:

Disclaimer: This page may contain some affiliate links, and in the event of a sale, we will be awarded a small commission at no extra cost to you. You are responsible for your own due diligence before working with any affiliate partners.


Option 2: Mark a Link as Affiliate Directly Next to It on a Website or Social Post

Sample 1: Check out Visio Lending (Affiliate Link) for investor financing.

Sample 2: Check out Visio Lending (Paid Link) for investor financing.


Option 3: Use the Hashtag "#PaidAd" when Sharing on Social Media

Notice how we used the hashtag “Paid Ad” in our sample social media posts.

For more guidance on Affiliate Disclosures, check out TermsFeed.

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Key Marketing Points for Affiliate Partners

As an affiliate partner, it is essential to understand our core loan programs and how to market us. 

Why Buy and Hold Investors Choose to Work with Visio

Visio Lending tailors our loan programs to meet the needs of real estate investors. For investors looking to grow their rental portfolios, these are some key features we offer:

  • 30-year financing for rent ready, single-family properties, including vacation rentals
  • Simpler documentation with no personal DTI and no tax returns
  • LTVs up to 75%
  • The ability to finance through an LLC

Visio Lending's Credibility

Since 2015, Visio has financed more than $2 billion in Rental360 loans, including $545 million in vacation rental properties. We have thousands of satisfied customers across the country and are a rated mortgage originator by Standard & Poor’s.


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Editor's Note: This post was originally published in June 2021 and has been updated in July 2022 for freshness and accuracy.

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