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How to Refer to Visio Using Facebook (Plus Sample Posts)

FACEBOOKThe Visio Lending Referral Program is a fantastic way to earn passive income. We pay $500 for every referral who closes on a loan and offer seven methods to refer to us. Plus, you can use our comprehensive Referral Platform to make and track referrals at any time. Our Broker and Partner Resources Page provides a lot of tips on how to do marketing to get more referrals. In this post, we are going to hone in on Facebook, plus provide sample posts for you to use to generate referrals.

To refer to Visio using Facebook, Referral Partners can either link their Facebook profiles directly to the Referral Platform, or they can create a Personal URL, which will give them credit if someone finds Visio through their link. Here are some ideas of what to post on Facebook:

  • Airbnb hosts and landlords can easily leverage their properties and obtain more wealth when partnering with Visio Lending. Take your investing game to the next level. You’re welcome in advance! #paidad [Insert Personal URL]
  • Rental property lending with no tax returns or income verification? I promise, it’s not too good to be true. Visio Lending is helping investors across the nation provide affordable housing to renters. Learn the secrets to investing like a pro! #paidad [Insert Personal URL]
  • I know first-hand, conventional lending can be a pain. Building wealth for my kids has become a piece of cake. Make money with your money by investing in single family rental properties. Learn the best kept secret for real estate investors.#paidad [Insert Personal URL]

Don't forget to keep your posts FTC Compliant. See our Terms and Conditions for more details.  For more Referral Program Tips, check out our Broker and Partner Resources Page. Not yet a Referral Partner? Sign up

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