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Posted by Catherine Way on Aug 21, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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House flipper style is mainstream in our shows,magazines, and even store collections. With a modern style, house flippers can transform rooms into showstoppers in any home. While every trend may not be your taste, these three house flipper trends are must-haves. Their versatility, and modern flair make them easy to work with, and transform your room with a few brush strokes. Make a serious lasting impression on renters or buyers with these must-have house flipper trends.

Gray Paint

Gray is the new beige. Ten years ago you couldn’t see a home without one of those earthy hues, nowadays you cannot escape from gray paint! House flippers love using gray, it just goes with everything! Whether your house has light or dark floors, accents or colors, nothing blends as well as gray. It’s perfect for the interior and exterior and gives a home a clean modern feel:

  • Looking to add a modern flair to your kitchen? Gray is beautiful with white tiles and countertops.

  • What a more dramatic and dynamic living space? Dark Gray is perfect for a studio or entertainment space! Use pops of colors to make it seem less dark.

  • Gray is easy to personalize and a perfect tone to mix and match colors and textures.

No wonder that gray  is a house flippers first choice. Gray compliments every room, perfectly pairing with floors, countertops, and accents. Why wouldn’t you steal this house flipper trend?

Accent Walls

Many people know of the accent wall, which is painting one wall a bold color to complement the room. Not only that but we have seen the rise of the statement wall, using shiplap or other textures to make a room really pop. For homes with more neutral colors, accent and statement walls create a dynamic element to a home.

This easy trend only requires one wall for renovation, making it easier for anyone to do. With less to buy in materials it is also a cheaper project as well! More than just a new coat of paint, other great statement pieces, like wallpaper, reclaimed wood, and paneling or tiles, all make eye-catching and beautiful pieces.

Statement walls clearly are a great way to inject some colors, and personality into a home without a complete renovation.

Barn Doors

Did you know that homes with the word barn door sell for more money? Zillow reported that homes with barn doors sold for 13.4% more than expected and faster than other homes!

Barn doors are easy to install, and add a ‘wow’ factor to a home. Aside from the hassle-free installation, barn doors also add more character to a home. Barn doors can be featured in almost every room of a house. From Bathrooms, living rooms, or kitchens, all are great places for barn doors.

 Whether it is reclaimed, new, or custom made barn doors are a trend that is here to stay.


House flipping trends come and go, yet picking the right trend can transform your home. Not only do these trends look amazing, but they can also add home value over time.

For those looking to spice up or even sell their house, these trends are easy and cheap! House flippers using hard money loans find these trends make them more money.

Have you used any of these trends to your house?

About the Author: Catherine Way is a content market for business, mortgage, and real estate industries. She has written articles for Silver Doctors, The Paper Source, Active Rain, and Progressing Income. She currently writes and reports for Prime Plus Mortgage-Hard Money Loans Phoenix.


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